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Fredro Starr and Jonny Vulgar – Rappers and Ballers Podcast and EP

YAHEARD.COM- August 7, 2020

Fredro Starr and Jonny Vulgar host the new Rappers And Ballers Podcast where they talk about hip hop and sports. They also dropped their EP ... Read More

Race In America And Why No One Is “Color Blind”

YAHEARD.COM- August 1, 2020

Recent events have drawn unprecedented attention to the atrocities and abuses suffered by African Americans in the United States. The public killing of an unarmed ... Read More

Artist Spotlight: Los Angeles Hip Hop Artist- F.Y.I.

YAHEARD.COM- July 28, 2020

F.Y.I is a Hip Hop Artist from Los Angeles. He created a buzz for himself with years of grit n grind, along with lyrical skill ... Read More

The Kool Keith Story From Yaheard Films

YAHEARD.COM- July 21, 2020

Kool Keith is one of Hip Hop's most illusive pioneers. In this documentary, raps most beloved mad genius gives a rare glimpse into his life ... Read More

Genesis Z and the Black Mambas Release “Karnivor” Video ft. Redman

YAHEARD.COM- July 14, 2020

Delaware is a state in the Mid Atlantic region of America. It sits comfortably nestled between Philadelphia and Washington D.C. For what the state lacks ... Read More

LL Cool J Drops George Lloyd Freestyle

YAHEARD.COM- June 1, 2020

Hip Hop legend and pioneer L.L. Cool J recently dropped a freestyle paying homage to George Lloyd. Lloyd was killed by Minneapolis police in broad ... Read More

Yaheard Flash Back…Positive K Still Got The Skillz

YAHEARD.COM- May 17, 2020

Bronx Rap legend Positive K emerged on the scene in the late 80's and helped usher in what many consider a Golden Era of Hip ... Read More

Did You Hear? Beat Boxers, and Guitarists Hear Music Differently

YAHEARD.COM- May 13, 2020

Everyone enjoys a good song.  Some regard music as pleasant background noise, while others use it as the soundtrack to their very existence. The way ... Read More

The Library Of Congress Wants To Bring Back Sampling In Music

YAHEARD.COM- May 5, 2020

Hip Hop music was once fueled by "sampling". This production technique incorporates elements of previously recorded music. Using this method, beat makers can take an ... Read More

Stevie Wonder’s Power Flower – Stream Of Thought Music Review

YAHEARD.COM- May 1, 2020

Cats for heat and the Secret Life of Plants By: Andersen Jankins Sometimes the best part is the hard part. Filet is good but gristle ... Read More

Artivism – Jea Street And His Unique Brand Of Soul Music

YAHEARD.COM- April 27, 2020

Delaware is a state in the Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S, most known for it's favorable business laws. What the "First State" lacks in size ... Read More

**** Twang – Lysol Rap…Rare Recording Resurfaces (Explicit)

YAHEARD.COM- April 24, 2020

President of the United States Donald Trump, has been in the hot seat recently due to his response to the Covid-19 crisis. The leader of ... Read More