Yaheard Records Presents… The Groovelounge Live Vol 1

Yaheard Records Presents… The Groovelounge Live Vol 1

The Groovelounge was a ground breaking Hip Hop night in Newark, Delaware. Between the years 2000, and 2015 a who’s who of the underground Hip Hop performed live. Everyone from Kool Keith to Capadonna, came through to display their unique styles of Hip Hop alongside Delaware’s best Hip Hop Talents.

A launching spot for many regional rappers The Groovelounge took place at the East End Cafe, and then later at Mojo on Main (at the same location). All aspects of the Hip Hop culture were showcased, and many of the local artists would go on to become national, and in some cases international artists. The Groovelounge quickly became a tour stop for national Hip Hop artists, trying to capitalize from the venues proximity to the University of Delaware.

The Groovelounge Live volume one features raw concert audio from The Last Emperor, Dice Raw from the Legendary Roots Crew, Camp Lo, Tajai from Hieroglyphics and more! This exclusive audio was recently unearthed by Yaheard Records. It takes the listener on a true journey, through a special era in Delaware Hip Hop History.

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