Yaheard Radio, Episode 34. DJ Soulbuck, Pharcyde, Hieroglyphics, Hip Hop’s Greatest Samples

On this episode of Yaheard Radio we’re taking it to the West Coast as we feature The Pharcyde & Hieroglyphics. We have a mix from our DJ Of The Year Award Winner, DJ Soulbuck. As well as another edition of Hip Hop’s Greatest Samples! Yaheard Radio the best Hip Hop, Funk & Soul.


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DJ Soulbuck’s Playlist – Yaheard Radio (We Say What We Play)
Mr. Fickle – People’s Champ
Drama ft. DJ Soulbuck – 3 Kings
Astro – Internet Goons
L Tyrannic – Scream The Name
A.F.R.O. – Freestyle
Leodis – Love Me
Napolean Da Legend – Napoleonic Language
Simone Arabia – Schmone Murda
Ghostface & DJ Total Eclipse – Mighty Healthy (Remix)
Jess Jamez – P.R.N.W.A.
Fever ft. Journalist – 2 Piece
High And Mighty – Mighty Mi For Ya Stereo System (Instrumental)

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