The 49ers To Appear On The Dangan Ronpa Animation Soundtrack



The soundtrack to the popular Japanese anime series, Danganronpa The Animation was released on August 28, 2013

Dangan Ronpa is a popular Anime series in Japan.

Dangan Ronpa is a popular Anime series in Japan.

. The 2 disc album features the full version of “Never Say Never” featuring The 49ers, Tribeca, and Natalie Oliveri. The music is composed by Masafumi Takada.

Track Listing

Disc 1

  1. DANGANRONPA The Animation
  2. High Speed Physical Action (ハイスピード物理アクション)
  3. Momomomonokuma The Animation (モモモモノクマ The Animation)
  4. Punishment Rocket (おしおきロケット)
  5. Bloodstain Fever (チミドロフィーバー)
  6. Beautiful Days The Animation
  7. Mr. Monokuma’s Lesson (モノクマ先生の授業)
  8. Rendezvous at the Laundry (ランドリーでランデヴー)
  9. HOTEL Hope’s Peak (HOTEL希望ヶ峰)
  10. Seventy-Eight Observing Hopeful Nebulae (希望的観測78星雲)
  11. EDEN of Despair (絶望EDEN)
  12. Beautiful Dead The Animation
  13. Still Days of Daily Life (日常の静止する日)
  14. Theory of the Heart (ココロノリロン)
  15. BOX 15 The Animation
  16. Living to the Fullest The Animation (イキキル The Animation)
  17. Incentive X from Monokuma (モノクマからの動機X)
  18. Despairing Story in the World (世にも絶望な物語)
  19. Elec Boy Meets Metal Girl (エレキボーイ・ミーツ・メタルガール)
  20. Despair-Syndrome The Animation (絶望症候群 The Animation)
  21. DISTRUCT The Animation
  22. Versailles Burning at the Stake Witch Hunt Preparations (ベルサイユ産火あぶり魔女狩り仕立て)
  23. Welcome Despair School The Animation (ようこそ絶望学園 The Animation)
  24. Negaigoto Ensemble

Disc 2

  1. Never Say Never The Animation (Feat. The 49ers, Tribeca, & Natalie Oliveri)
  2. I want Tune
  3. I Am Called Super High School Level! (超高校級と人は呼ぶ!)
  4. Flashing Anagram The Animation (閃きアナグラム The Animation)
  5. SUPER M.T.B. The Animation
  6. SUPER FINAL M.T.B. The Animation
  7. All All Apologies The Animation (オール・オール・アポロジーズ The Animation)
  8. YOU GREAT GUITAR (Twilight and Guitar) (YOU GREAT GUITAR(夕暮れとギター))
  9. Dangan in the Dark
  10. After-School Plan (放課後大作戦)
  11. Old Comic Situation (オールド・コミック・シチュエーション)
  12. Killing Ward (コロシアイ特区)
  13. Quarrel One Inch Punch (口論・ワン・インチ・パンチ)
  14. Desire for Execution The Animation (処刑に願いを The Animation)
  15. Class Trial Dawn Edition The Animation (学級裁判黎明編 The Animation)
  16. Discussion -BREAK- The Animation (議論 -BREAK- The Animation)
  17. Class Trial Turbulent Edition The Animation (学級裁判乱世編 The Animation)
  18. Discussion -HEAT UP- The Animation (議論 -HEAT UP- The Animation)
  19. Class Trial Solar Edition The Animation (学級裁判太陽編 The Animation)
  20. Supplementary Lessons for the Unlucky (補習 for 不運)
  21. Despair Syndrome The Animation (ゼツボウシンドローム The Animation)
  22. BOX 16 The Animation
  23. Super High School’s Desperate Punishment (超高校級の絶望的おしおき)
  24. New World Order The Animation (ニュー・ワールド・オーダー The Animation)
  25. Goodbye Despair School The Animation (さよなら絶望学園 The Animation)
  26. Zetsubousei: Hero Chiryouyaku The Animation (絶望性:ヒーロー治療薬 The Animation)
  27. Monokuma Ondo The Animation (モノクマおんど The Animation)
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