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(Debut Single) Prynce Tone – “Back To Mars” (Audio)

YAHEARD.COM- September 22, 2015

Chicago Heights, Illinois' own Prynce Town drops his debut single "Back To Mars" on C Town Records. This track instantly will grab your attention and ... Read More

Grand Master Fraud? Did A Hip Hop Pioneer Fake It To Make It?

YAHEARD.COM- May 13, 2015

Grand Master Flash and The Furious Five are most famous for their monumental Hip Hop classic "The Message". Despite his name being on the record, ... Read More

Art Of Rap Fest Artist Spotlight- Warren G

YAHEARD.COM- May 7, 2015

When I went to Long Beach I wasn't sure what to think about it at first. Geographically it seemed so far from the parts of Los ... Read More

The Art Of Rap Fest Artist Spotlight – EPMD

YAHEARD.COM- May 7, 2015

EPMD emerged on the Hip Hop scene from Brentwood, Long Island with their smash debut album Strictly Business. A commercial and critical success, the album ... Read More

Ice T & Mick Benzo Link With Live Nation To Bring You The Art Of Rap Fest

YAHEARD.COM- May 5, 2015

Ice T hustled his way into the Hip Hop game, and then muscled his way to the top of it. While the new generation recognizes ... Read More

Sentences – “Jewelry” ft. Marchitect

YAHEARD.COM- January 30, 2015

Sentences released his debut single "Jewelry" ft. Marchitect (from the Hip Hop group The 49ers) on Yaheard Records recently. The single features the grimy production ... Read More

Godhead The General Brings You Back To The “New York State Of Mind”

YAHEARD.COM- December 4, 2014

Godhead The General is an emcee who represents for The Bronx Ny, but also is a mainstay on the Philadelphia and South Jersey Hip Hop scenes. ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 20. New Music, L Burner, Worldwide Vibes, DJ Nocturnal & Yaheard Alternative

YAHEARD.COM- September 9, 2014

On Episode 20 we're bringing you two new segments. The New Music Spotlight segment & Yaheard Alternative which features hip hop music that is a ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 17. Run DMC, Worldwide Vibes, Delaware Rappers & Yaheard Soul

YAHEARD.COM- August 16, 2014

On Episode 17 of Yaheard Radio we bring the spotlight to Hollis Queens and focus on legendary hip hop group RunDMC. Yaheard In Ya Area ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 6 – Queens (NY) & Queens (of Hip Hop), Worldwide Vibes, DJ Sleepy

YAHEARD.COM- May 10, 2014

This time around we are featuring Queens & Queens. The best of classic and current hip hop from the borough of Queens as well as ... Read More

Aosaki ft. Jas Mace “Can’t Stop Now” (White Rain Remix)

YAHEARD.COM- September 5, 2013

Another classic cut featuring The 49ers' Jas Mace. Aosaki's "Can't Stop Now" has been remixed by White Rain, and turned into an instant classic for ... Read More