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New Music: The Best Of Jas Mace From The 49ers

YAHEARD.COM- May 3, 2016

Jas Mace has amassed a string of hits within a catalog consisting of hundreds of songs with his group The 49ers. Fans frequently hear his ... Read More

Yaheard Records presents Marchitect – The Grind Boggling Mixtape

YAHEARD.COM- July 19, 2015

Yaheard Records presents, The Grind Boggling Mixtape by Marchitect. A release of all new material, The Grind Boggling Mixtape was produced by DJ Mech and Marchitect. ... Read More

Yaheard Records- Marchitect ft. Gwapstarr “What You Know About It”

YAHEARD.COM- May 24, 2015

Marchitect returns with a new single that blurs the lines between Underground Hip Hop and Dance Hall. The gritty and heavy production on "What You ... Read More

Sentences – “Jewelry” ft. Marchitect

YAHEARD.COM- January 30, 2015

Sentences released his debut single "Jewelry" ft. Marchitect (from the Hip Hop group The 49ers) on Yaheard Records recently. The single features the grimy production ... Read More

Yaheard Records Presents “The pARTy” Art Meets Hip Hop In Wilmington, Delaware

YAHEARD.COM- January 27, 2015

Yaheard Records has teamed with Frangipani Galleries to bring The pARTy to Wilmington, Delaware. This blend of Hip Hop and art features music by DJ Mech & ... Read More

Cold Busted Records Releases New Remix Ep For Poldoore’s Heard It All Before ft. The 49ers & Bodhilynn

YAHEARD.COM- October 24, 2014

Poldoore "Heard It All Before" Cold Busted Records and Poldoore release a new version of the single Heard It All Before ft. The 49ers and ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 16 – DJ Sleepy, Duffy Samuels, Loud Records vs Rawkus Records & Worldwide Vibes!

YAHEARD.COM- July 30, 2014

On Yaheard Radio, Episode 16 we spotlight music from two powerful independent record labels that were operating in the mid to late 1990s and early ... Read More

Romania’s Illusionist Teams Up With The 49ers and Awon for “Fresh Rhymes”

YAHEARD.COM- July 16, 2014

"Fresh Rhymes" is music from Romania's Illusionist featuring The 49ers and Awon. This is from ILLusionist - The Uplift E.P. Read More

Yaheard Films presents #FLIGHTCLUB – The Documentary, Starring: The 49ers

YAHEARD.COM- June 11, 2014

#FLIGHTCLUB - The Documentary, is a unique view into the Japanese Hip Hop scene through the eyes of Hip Hop group The 49ers. Follow Marchitect ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 11. The Dungeon Family, Beastie Boys, Worldwide Vibes & DJ Sleepy!

YAHEARD.COM- June 10, 2014

This episode we'll be spotlighting The Dungeon Family and The Beastie Boys. DJ Sleepy will put in work on the turntables with a mix and ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 9 – Yaheard In Ya Area (New Jersey), Worldwide Vibes, DJ Sleepy & Illstrumentals

YAHEARD.COM- May 27, 2014

This episode of Yaheard Radio-Show we are representing New Jersey in our Yaheard In Ya Area segment. We'll also be bringing you our signature WorldWideVibes ... Read More

Yaheard Records presents… Marchitect- “Genki” A Brand New EP With Japanese Producer Shrimp

YAHEARD.COM- April 29, 2014

Yaheard Records presents the new Marchitect EP Genki. Marchitect and first time collaborator but long time friend Shrimp recorded the album in a hotel in ... Read More