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M Dot Pays Homage To Praverb The Wyse

YAHEARD.COM- September 30, 2014

Shockwaves were sent through the Hip Hop community when Praverb The Wyse recently passed away. The lyricist was known for his knowledge of the music ... Read More

Romania’s Illusionist Teams Up With The 49ers and Awon for “Fresh Rhymes”

YAHEARD.COM- July 16, 2014

"Fresh Rhymes" is music from Romania's Illusionist featuring The 49ers and Awon. This is from ILLusionist - The Uplift E.P. Read More

Yaheard Records presents… Marchitect- “Genki” A Brand New EP With Japanese Producer Shrimp

YAHEARD.COM- April 29, 2014

Yaheard Records presents the new Marchitect EP Genki. Marchitect and first time collaborator but long time friend Shrimp recorded the album in a hotel in ... Read More

Aosaki ft. Jas Mace “Can’t Stop Now” (White Rain Remix)

YAHEARD.COM- September 5, 2013

Another classic cut featuring The 49ers' Jas Mace. Aosaki's "Can't Stop Now" has been remixed by White Rain, and turned into an instant classic for ... Read More