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DJ Mech and Marchitect – “Grant’s Tomb” Music Video From The EP ZACK

YAHEARD.COM- April 5, 2021

"Grant's Tomb" is the new single and Music Video from The DJ Mech and Marchitect EP Zack, available now on Yaheard Records. The EP Zack ... Read More

DJ Mech and Marchitect Release New EP Titled “ZACK”

YAHEARD.COM- August 25, 2020

DJ Mech and Marchitect are back with a new collaboration titled ZACK. The concept EP follows the success of Marchitect's album Guns, Germs, and Beats ... Read More

Yaheard Records presents Marchitect – The Grind Boggling Mixtape

YAHEARD.COM- July 19, 2015

Yaheard Records presents, The Grind Boggling Mixtape by Marchitect. A release of all new material, The Grind Boggling Mixtape was produced by DJ Mech and Marchitect. ... Read More

Yaheard Records Presents “The pARTy” Art Meets Hip Hop In Wilmington, Delaware

YAHEARD.COM- January 27, 2015

Yaheard Records has teamed with Frangipani Galleries to bring The pARTy to Wilmington, Delaware. This blend of Hip Hop and art features music by DJ Mech & ... Read More

Yaheard Radio, Episode 12. Hip Hop Storytellers, Worldwide Vibes, DJ Mech & Bobbi DeNiro

YAHEARD.COM- June 17, 2014

On this episode of Yaheard Radio we're bringing you some of the best storytelling rappers of all time. We also have our signature Worldwide Vibes ... Read More

Yaheard.com Launches Yaheard Radio On WVUD 91.3 In Delaware

YAHEARD.COM- April 3, 2014

Yaheard.com recently launched Yaheard Radio on the FM Dial. The Internet radio show crossed over to the Fm Dial on April 2nd, and airs every ... Read More

Yaheard Films Presents… Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith Story

YAHEARD.COM- March 11, 2014

Filmed in the Bronx and Delaware (complete with rare performance footage, and new music) Keep It Kool The Kool Keith story, is a unique view ... Read More

Marchitect Returns With Full Length Album “Marc: My Words”

YAHEARD.COM- September 17, 2013

Marchitect (from the Hip Hop group The 49ers) has released a new solo album titled Marc: My Words on Yaheard Records. The 12 song album ... Read More