Powermalu – “I Bet You” (Music Video)

Powermalu – “I Bet You” (Music Video)

Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 11.43.39 PMI Bet You” is a Hip Hop performance piece from Powermalu, known to some as the on stage musical director for Masta Ace & EMC at their live shows and to others as Baby Power formerly of MTV’s The Lyricist Lounge Show.

This 3 minute piece and video was recorded while on tour in Brazil. In this piece Powermalu addresses an unnamed artist who he tells “I won’t mention your name….I’d rather not make you famous, when they never heard of you”. He also admonishes said rapper for lying about drug dealing, rapping about Lear jets and G4s, and basically calling them a fraud for frontin’ about a lifestyle that they don’t actually live.

Although it’s strong message may be taken personally by some and will make others mad, it is necessary to address. “I Bet You” was inspired by the song “Adentro” from the group “Calle 13“. 

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