Onyx ft. Ali – “Kill Da Mic” (French Connection Remix)

Onyx ft. Ali – “Kill Da Mic” (French Connection Remix)

The first official 100 Mad Mixtape was put together by DJ Illegal of the Snowgoons. If you are not familiar with the 100 Mad Crew by Onyx this is your chance to get to know the team. This Mixtape features not only classic Onyx songs but also exclusive remixes and unreleased material.

One of the new Remixes is the Kill Da Mic song from the SnowMads album by Onyx & Snowgoons and this version features the french legend Ali of 45 Scientific (former Lunatic member) and is called The French Connection Remix.

In the mid 90’s Onyx rose from the streets of Queens to the top of the rap charts. Their gritty sound and “mad” vocal style helped to re define the sound of the entire genre. They are best known for their 1993 platinum hit single “Slam”, which The Source magazine described as a song that introduce the art of slam dancing into hip-hop.

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