Off The Record – A Conversation with Issac Hayes

Off The Record – A Conversation with Issac Hayes

Isaac Hayes was born in 1942 in a small rural town named Covington, Tennessee. His parents died when he was an infant, and he would be raised by his grandmother. Growing up in the church he taught himself a variety of instruments before, moving to Memphis  and joining a few short lived bands,. His skills on the Saxophone, would jump start his relationship with Stax records. He was added to the studio band, and played instruments on sessions for Otis Redding. Alongside songwriting partner David Porter, Hayes would compose hundreds of tunes. Songs like Sam and Dave’s “Soul Man”, and Haye’s “Theme from Shaft”, haves become staples in Pop Culture

In the late 1960’s Isaac Hayes would have his commercial breakthrough as a solo artist. He would rack up sales and accolades including a Grammy Award for his “Theme from Shaft.” Hayes’ stardom would carry over to the big screen, as he starred in films such as the Cult Classic Truck Turner .” Later in his decades long career, a new generation of fans would be earned via the character “Chef,” that he voiced for the hit animated series South Park.

Isaac Hayes is a music pioneer who can boast of having done it all. This includes owning an American Basketball Association team named The Memphis Sounds, before the league would ultimately go defunct.

Here’s an off the record conversation between Joe Smith, and Isaac Hayes in 1987, where Isaac Hayes discusses his upbringing, musical philosophies, inspirations and more.

Courtesy of The Library of Congress

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