Marchitect – The Industry’s My Footstool on Yaheard Records.

Marchitect – The Industry’s My Footstool on Yaheard Records.

Yaheard Records recording artist Marchitect is back with a new Ep titled The Industry’s My Footstool. Marchitect is a rapper/producer from the Hip Hop duo The 49ers. After topping the charts in Japan, and recording the theme song to the first season of the hit anime Danganronpa with The 49ers, he has released a string of solo albums and Ep’s.

The Industry’s My Footstool, highlights Marchitect’s lyricism and gritty production style. Produced and written entirely by the Delaware emcee, the EP shows that Marchitect isn’t just pigeonholed as a “Jazzy” rapper. When asked about the title and concept of the album he said, “I made this album for fans who just want raw, pure Hip-Hop, without alot of bells whistles, features and fluff.” He added “The title isn’t meant to be disrespectful. It’s more so, that Hip Hop itself will always be more important than the industry itself to me.”

Check out The Industry’s My Footstool on your favorite streaming platforms courtesy of Yaheard Records

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