Marchitect Releases Bonus Track From The “Marc: My Words” Album- “The Heartless ft. K Seft”



Marchitect from The 49ers dropped a teaser from his forthcoming album Marc:My Words. The song “The Heartless” which features K- Seft, is a bonus track recorded recently for fans who have waited for the follow up to the successful World Wide Vibe (a collaboration album with Brazil’s Dr. Drumah).


“I wanted to do a whole album where I crafted, the beats, the scratches, and the lyrics, with very few guest appearances. Just trying to take it to the early days, when I would be up in my room, pretty much doing every part of the record…but don’t get me wrong it’s still The 49er sound” said Marchitect.


“The Heartless” is smooth, with a classic boom bap feel. Check it out here on

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