M Dot Pays Homage To Praverb The Wyse

M Dot Pays Homage To Praverb The Wyse

Shockwaves were sent through the Hip Hop community when Praverb The Wyse recently passed away. The lyricist was known for his knowledge of the music business, and his crystal clear flow. He represented Hip Hop in it’s truest form, and made it his mission to educate other rappers, and dj’s about the music business through his groundbreaking blog www.praverb.net

“I originally wanted Praverb.net to be the main hub for everything Praverb related. I quickly found out that other people are heroes as well.”- Praverb

This philosophy led to the creation of the Ultimate Hip Hop Blog Directory that Praverb unselfishly shared with any Hip-Hopper who had the desire to have his music heard across the world.

As a student of Praverb’s style of approaching Hip Hop blogs, I can attest, he was the truth.

Check out M- Dots heartfelt tribute to a legendary Mc.

Praverb The Wyse – “The Social Network”

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