Hip Hop Artists and Activists Come Together For Wilmington Delaware Youth

Aug. 10, 2013 in Wilmington Delaware

Aug. 10, 2013 in Wilmington, Delaware

The 18 Annual African American Family Fest will be taking place in Wilmington, Delaware at Holloway Park at 7th and Lombard from 12 pm to 7pm August 10, 2013. This is a free event, for all ages and it honors the spirits of Africans past, through the Arts and Music. There will be live performances and appearances by Marchitect, Guerilla Republik, The Zulu Nation, Richard Raw, T- Dot and Philadelphia’s DJ Soulbuck.

There will be free school supplies for children, as well as a tour of the East Side of Wilmington, where Bob Marley lived and wrote some of his most popular songs while living in The United States, and where Jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown lived and influenced a whole era of horn players. Ironically enough, the grave where Clifford Brown is buried, is poorly maintained and neglected by the city that holds an annual jazz fest in his name. The African American Family Fest will be drawing attention to this travesty, and raising money and awareness to make sure Clifford Brown’s resting place is maintained.

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