Fiddy for President?!  Why Rapper 50 Cent’s A Better Choice Than Trump

Fiddy for President?! Why Rapper 50 Cent’s A Better Choice Than Trump

50 Cent A Better Candidate Than Trump?

When first comparing Donald Trump and 50 Cent it’s hard to find any similarities between the son of the son of the son of a wealthy immigrant and the tough street kid from Jamaica Queens who exploded on the scene while bulleting up the charts with a step by step audio manual for “How to Rob A Rapper”. Maybe one could argue that 50 Cent, and Donald Trump share the same tenacity for making big deals happen…but don’t ALL hugely successful business people share that same drive that turns competitors to doormats and partners to millionaires? When you put the microscope of objectivity directly on the lives of two of America’s most unpredictable public figures (labeled heroes by some, bullies by many, and even tyrants by others) you’ll stumble upon striking similarities.

The big difference in all of this is how the Donald is handling his campaign during his bid for the U.S Presidency and how 50 Cent would handle his own. Trump would be well served to call 50 Cent for campaign advice, and the Republican party would’ve been better served to nominate 50 Cent as their candidate (no disrespect to 50 Cent’s political affiliation) and here’s why.

50 Cent mocks autistic teen at airport

Donald Trump mocks disabled reporter.

Donald Trump: Releases a bizarre statement and insists “I merely mimicked what I thought would be a flustered reporter trying to get out of a statement he made long ago” and manages to further douche-bagafy himself in the eyes of a large portion of society. He then proceeds to demand an apology from the New York Times.

50 Cent:  Apologizes personally to the family of the Autistic teen  and releases this statement… “While the incident at the airport resulted in an unfortunate misunderstanding, I am truly sorry for offending the young man. It was certainly not my intent to insult him or the disability (sic) community which is a source of great strength in America.”

Donald Trump Born In Jamaica Estates Queens

50 Cent Born in  South Jamaica Queens

Donald TrumpBuilds himself a tower, moves to Manhattan and eats pizza with a fork.

50 Cent Buys Mike Tyson’s mansion returns to the hood via helicopter, writes raps in his grandmother’s basement. Body slams friend and fellow rapper Tony Yayo WWE style into a random bush in Queens for all of social media to see.

Donald Trump goes bankrupt.

50 Cent goes bankrupt.

Donald Trump: Files for bankruptcy, does it over and over, and then refuses to release his tax returns to the public, a rare move for a presidential candidate.

50 Cent: Files for bankruptcy, spells out the word “broke” in half a million dollars cash on Instagram and later signs a two season deal for his television series “Power”

Donald Trump launches a Vodka Brand

50 Cent launches a Vodka Brand

Donald Trump: Trump launched Trump Vodka in 2006. He claimed the contents of the gold colored bottle  with a three dimensional “T” on the label were “success distilled”. Originally conceptualized to out do Grey Goose, the T&T (Trump and Tonic) just never picked up.

50 Cent: Becomes majority shareholder in Effen Vodka, tours the world with beautiful women while promoting the brand during appearances at stores like Liquor Warehouse in Syracuse, New York  where on April 25, 2015  50 Cent sold 1,400 bottles of the signature liquor brand at $30 a bottle.

Donald Trump gets into a beef 

50 Cent gets into a beef

Donald Trump: Gets into a beef with Rosie O’donnell (not very gangsta) refers to her publicly as a pig, focuses on her obsessively and further alienates himself from a large portion of women in society who he will surely need to appeal to during his run for the White House.

50 Cent: Gets into a beef with Ja Rule, Fat Joe, Floyd Mayweather, Rick Ross, The Lox, Jay Electronica, Nas, Jay Z, Puff Daddy, Kanye West and The Game, not only does he survive, he survives to make more business deals, squash the majority of the beefs and make 78 million dollars to wear underwear . Very presidential recovery.

The toughest stretch of road towards Pennsylvania avenue is definitely in front of Dontald Trump; The object in the mirror that is the White House seemed closer than it now appears. It’s as if each new day brings another scandal, another controversy, another display of ignorance, or another blunder for the Donald Trump campaign. Even 50 Cent, a proven Twitter loose cannon, knows when to put it on chill and promote his latest ventures through  the telling of his inspirational life story to the likes of Larry King. In a now infamous clip from a Donald Trump interview with  Larry King, Trump manages to insult King personally ten seconds in, making the interview awkward and unsettling.

There was once a Simpsons episode where Homer invented an alarm that always went off. The alarm only stopped when something was wrong. That’s how its been lately with Donald Trump and controversy. If there’s no enemy to battle on a personal level something is wrong.

For those familiar with another television character Stringer Bell from HBO’s The Wire (the role that cemented Idris Alba’s name into the Hollywood conscience) they will remember Bell’s ultimate demise. Having washed his dirty money earned from a lucrative drug business on the west side of Baltimore Maryland, Bell diversifies into real estate, legitimate businesses, and even takes his stab at influencing Maryland politics.

In the end he finds he’s out of his league, he’s no longer the smartest in the room, he’s been swindled and ultimately it’s his past life that comes back to finish him. He wasn’t able to have a foot in two worlds. Donald Trump’s presidential bid could quite possibly end in similar fashion.

He’s out of his league, he’s no longer the smartest in the room, and all of the tactics that once worked seamlessly with the office door closed, are the exact things doing him in as the microphones record, the video feeds stream, the camera phones flash and that road to the White House starts looking rougher than a corner In South Side Queens. Fiddyforprez, now that’s a Hashtag waiting to happen. We know one thing, Putin wouldn’t talk any old way to 50 Cent.

Branche Fujiwara is a contributor from Washington D.C. Via Yokohama Japan.

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