Crown Releases “Underground Crown” Album

Crown Releases “Underground Crown” Album

Eight years have gone by since Crown of Grim Reaperz released a new project.

Since Pieces To Puzzle dropped way back in 2014, Crown has been producing, all while recruiting Bask One of Beneath The Underground to release this 17 joint mammoth LP entitled UNDERGROUND CROWN.

Curated and executed by Bask One over an 18 month period, both Crown and Bask bring forth a well rounded line up of old and new school boombap lyricists from the East & Westcoasts, with over 50+ emcees flexing their lyricism over Crowns heavy, yet eclectic raw boombap beats.

Underground Crown clocks over 70+ minutes, with features from heavyweights: Tragedy Khadafi, Chris Rivers, Jay Royale, Rigz, Mooch, MAV & Rob Gates of Da Cloth, iLL Conscious, Da Buze Bruvaz, Mad Squablz, Shabaam Sahdeeq, DV Alias Khryst, Born Unique, UG, Ruste Juxx to name just a few.

They summoned some of the classic turntablists to complete the whole picture, including Snowgoons DJ Crypt, DJ TMB, DJ Robert Smith, DJ Venum, DJ Grazzhoppa plus many more.

Underground Crown is available now on your favorite DSP

LTD Cassettes and Digipack CDs with 20 page lyric booklet can be purchased via

A limited amount of Orange splash or Black double gatefold vinyls are availble to purchase directly via @Beneath_The_Underground on Instagram.

Check out the music videos off the album

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