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DJ Mech and Marchitect – “Grant’s Tomb” Music Video From The EP ZACK

YAHEARD.COM- April 5, 2021

"Grant's Tomb" is the new single and Music Video from The DJ Mech and Marchitect EP Zack, available now on Yaheard Records. The EP Zack ... Read More

Cee Knowledge Returns With The Calidelphian

YAHEARD.COM- February 11, 2021

Cee Knowledge a.k.a. Doodlebug rose to the heights of the music industry with the ground breaking Hip Hop trio, Digable Planets. The group emerged on ... Read More

Bronx Rapper Tribeca Is Back With “My Ego”

YAHEARD.COM- October 3, 2020

Some wear their ego on the chest and let it shine with every single step they take. TRIBECA (@tribecaworld) has returned with his ego in ... Read More

Genesis Z and the Black Mambas Release “Karnivor” Video ft. Redman

YAHEARD.COM- July 14, 2020

Delaware is a state in the Mid Atlantic region of America. It sits comfortably nestled between Philadelphia and Washington D.C. For what the state lacks ... Read More

Stevie Wonder’s Power Flower – Stream Of Thought Music Review

YAHEARD.COM- May 1, 2020

Cats for heat and the Secret Life of Plants By: Andersen Jankins Sometimes the best part is the hard part. Filet is good but gristle ... Read More

Rapper Kae Hock Releases “Quarantarantino”

YAHEARD.COM- April 16, 2020

For those in the Philadelphia/Delaware/South New Jersey area, Kae Hock is a name synonymous with quality Hip Hop. His solo albums and collaborations over the ... Read More

Eminem Destroys All In His Path On “Kamikaze”

YAHEARD.COM- August 31, 2018

Eminem first got a buzz in Hip Hop with the release of his underground 12" singles and albums between the years of 1996 and 1997. ... Read More

Me….Ye….And The MTA – Take A Ride With Kanye’s Newest Album

YAHEARD.COM- August 22, 2018

Me Ye and the MTA The MTA and I have a very special love hate relationship. There are more people and less trains. It makes ... Read More