Black Just 302 – The R.O.A.D

Black Just 302 – The R.O.A.D

After years on the grind performing and releasing music with Frontline Musik, Black Just gives fans a long- awaited collection of timeless Hip Hop gems. Delaware Hip Hop artist Black Just 302 recently dropped his debut album Real Ones Always Die featuring production by Marchitect, Iz Raw (and more) with guest appearances by Chino Terintino, Rex Luger and Cruzado.

Black Just 302 incorporates street stories from his days in the Wilmington Delaware streets, into his cryptic lyrical flow. He challenges the listener with cutting edge bars and metaphors. The production on his debut project is heavy with an organic Hip Hop feel that translates to modern times.

In a world where music has become formulaic, Black Just’s The Real Ones Always Dies goes outside of the box to provide a solid experience for Hip Hop fans. Check out the full album here on Apple Music.

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