A Message In Your Music? Scientists Use Music To Transfer Data

A Message In Your Music? Scientists Use Music To Transfer Data

In cultures all over the world music is a vehicle for delivering a message. Whether it’s the power of love, or a certain political ideology, a good song resonates with the people. Musicians throughout history have been celebrated, but also banned, and in extreme cases killed because of the message in their music.

Living In The Future

Two doctoral students have found a way to store data in music. Manuel Eichelberger and Simon Tanner’s new discovery has the potential to have a major impact on modern life and music. Why type in a password when the background music at your hotel contains a WiFi code? Your phone’s mic picks it up, and you’re scrolling and texting like a true champ.

The researchers’ unique approach to storing data in music leaves no audible effect on the listening experience.” Our goal was to ensure that there was no impact on listening pleasure” Eichelberger stated. The team is able to transfer 25 letters per second, with out the music quality being affected. Transferring larger bits of data, is possible but starts to degrade the sound.

From the speaker to your smart phone

The way humans hear music is complex and fascinating. We don’t always notice quiet notes with a low frequency. Scientists are able to “hide” data, within a composition’s loudest notes. While your phone can pick up the data, your ear only hears that perfect playlist you curated. The difference between transferring data with FM radio waves, and this method, is the data is housed in the actual music.
Whether music is your religion, or you simply like a catchy pop tune, the music of the future will surely have a message.

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