A.C.E. from Real Deff Music Group releases “The Pressure” Album…A Must Hear

a3375814813_16Real Deff Music Group just dropped A.C.E. (A Criminal Entity) The Pressure. Check it out here. 17 tracks in total, entirely produced by ToneDeff Cutz.

“While it may not fit the molds of what current mainstream Hip Hop sounds like, matter fact I know it doesn’t, the shear authenticity of the project is sure to resonate with any true Hip Hop junkie! 

Grimy in it’s production, lyrics and overall essence, The Pressure has it all…”- A.C.E.

Purchase includes behind the scenes photos included from “Killer Joe” and “Hard 2B Yourself/Keep 1 Around Me” video shoots. This is a good album you can zone out and vibe to, yaheard!

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