Yaheard Records Presents: Marchitect “The K.O.DE”

Yaheard Records Presents: Marchitect “The K.O.DE”

Yaheard Records recently released new music from Hip Hop artist and producer Marchitect. The Delaware rapper is 1/2 of the successful group The 49ers who have released 6 critically acclaimed albums. His latest self produced effort The K.O.DE gives fan sharp cunning lyrics over infectious beats and melodies.

Marchitect, who’s known for his ability to hold down a solo project lyrically decided to reach out to a “who’s who” of Delaware rappers to round out his new album. Guest verses can be heard from Kae Hock, Ko The Knockout, Frontline Music, Maine Gwapstar and Diggz Sentences.

From the opening track “What You Know About It” you get the sense that Marchitect is not playing around. He seems determined to place himself with some of the best in the game when it comes to delivering dope, and quality Hip-Hop. From there the 8- song project gets better and better

“I wanted to shave off all of the fat, and give fans and 8 song project that they could really digest and feel” said Marchitect minutes before his performance at Wilmington Delaware’s Queen Theater, where he was the guest feature with popular Reggae band Spokey Speaky recently.

Marchitect’s career started at the early age of 12 years old when Supreme Science Productions released his first vinyl “Dead In Your Trax”. The record is a must have for 90s collectors and sells across the net for hundreds of dollars per copy. Keeping true to a long tradition of giving fans refreshingly thorough Hip Hop music, “The K.O.DE” lives up to his hype.

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