The Moonwalk – MJ Made Bill Bailey’s Dance Move Famous

The Moonwalk – MJ Made Bill Bailey’s Dance Move Famous

MJ strikes gold

During the peak of his international fame, Michael Jackson’s name would be come synonymous with the “moonwalk” dance move. The step creates the illusion of the dancer gliding backwards across the floor, seeming to defy gravity itself. Arguably the most recognizable dance move, the moonwalk became a brand in itself for Jackson. Video games and movies would adorn the name. Although Jackson labeled the unique movement “the moonwalk” it was clearly borrowed from African American dance legend Bill Bailey.

Bill Bailey invents the “moonwalk”

Bailey was the brother of Pearl Bailey and trained briefly under the legendary Bill “Bojangles” Robinson. His first public performance of the “moonwalk” (which he called the backslide)was during the classic film 1943 film “Cabin in The Sky” starring Lena Horne, and Eddie “Rochester” Anderson.

Dancing continues to be a part of every culture. The best dancers keep crowds enthralled. Bill Bailey’s “backslide” (which is now known across humankind as the moonwalk)  remains one of the most exciting to watch, and challenging to master.

Bill Bailey Doing The Moonwalk In Harlem

Bill Bailey Performing in “Cabin In The Sky”

Michael Jackson Evolution Of The Moonwalk