The Kool Keith Story From Yaheard Films

The Kool Keith Story From Yaheard Films

Kool Keith is one of Hip Hop’s most illusive pioneers. In this documentary, raps most beloved mad genius gives a rare glimpse into his life and creative process. Filmed in his native Bronx, with exclusive rare live performances, Keep It Kool delves deep into the mind of Kool Keith.

Kool Keith was a founding member of Ultra Magnetic Mc’s. The groups co/rapper and producer Ced Gee, helped pioneer the art of “chopping” up a sample. Their signature production style would influence a generation of producers including The Bomb Squad, and DJ Premier.

Kool Keith would later pursue a solo career, redefining his sound and inspiring a whole new wave of underground artists. From his multiple record deals and simultaneous releases, to his self produced original sound, his influence became undeniable.

Keeping it Kool “The Kool Keith Story” is courtesy of Yaheard Films

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