Spin Doctor Spins A Personal Journey Through Black British Music

Spin Doctor Spins A Personal Journey Through Black British Music

London’s Spin Doctor, is not only known for his mixes and DJ skills, but also for his well earned reputation as the city’s top Hip Hop event promoter.

“Keep on Moving” is personaly journey through the history of Black British music. Spin Doctor released the following statement to accompany the historical mix.

Mixing is a form of meditation & means of expression of what is important to me through music. Loosing myself in music helps me refocus on what is important and see what I need to do in life.

The recent focus on BLM has me, like so many of us, thinking not only about my actions as a human & a father but as a dj & promoter. My professional life was born out of my undying love of and avid collecting of music of all styles but specifically black music. This obsession has always been underlined by my pride as a Londoner so when I discover and British music I love it would have an even greater connection.

Like so many I am striving to educate myself further and to ‘Keep On Movin’ forward with open eyes, open eyes and an open heart. I know that change is essential & am determined to play my part. This mix is a declaration of love, shared in the spirit of solidarity & the hope that music can help bring people together & open more hearts to the beautiful diversity of black British music.

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