Rapper Kae Hock Releases “Quarantarantino”

Rapper Kae Hock Releases “Quarantarantino”

For those in the Philadelphia/Delaware/South New Jersey area, Kae Hock is a name synonymous with quality Hip Hop. His solo albums and collaborations over the past decade with rappers like Rich Raw, are all critically acclaimed. His latest effort, a concept album titled Quarantarantino makes a powerful social statement.

Dealing with a variety of concepts related to the COVID-19 Global Pandemic, Quarantarantino is a unique form of escapism. Ironically after a long day of gloom and doom Coronavirus news stories, Quarantarantino is the perfect album to put on. Highly relatable and extremely palatable, Quarantarantino, is one of Kae Hock’s best works.

Throughout the history of modern music, artists have attempted to capture a snap shot of their political and societal surroundings. Kae Hock, does a great job of documenting the variety of feelings earth dwellers are collectively experiencing. It’s almost a guarantee that Quarantarantino is the soundtrack to your life. Check out “The Stimulus Package”, from Kae Hock below.

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