Off The Record – A Conversation With Mick Jagger

Off The Record – A Conversation With Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger is the legendary front man for The Rolling Stones, and the prototype for the modern Rock Star. Jagger has excited crowds, and sold millions of records for five decades. His unique voice style combined with Keith Richards’ guitar chops, have come to define The Rolling Stones style, as well as influence bands across the globe.

Jagger was born and grew up in Dartford, Kent. He left the London School of Economics to join the Rolling Stones. Jagger and Richards, have written most of the Rolling Stones songs including smash hits like “I Miss You” and “Start Me Up.” Their covers of R&B and Soul hits like “Satisfaction” topped the charts internationally and remain and have never left radio playlists.

In 1989 Mick Jagger was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. Jagger received a knighthood for services to popular music during the Queen of England’s 2002 Birthday Honors. In 2003, he would receive a knighthood from the Prince of Wales. In 2007, The Rolling Stones grossed a record breaking 437 Million dollars on their  A Bigger Bang Tour.

Here is an off the record conversation with Mick Jagger explaining the origins of the Rolling Stones, and their rise to the heights of fame.

Courtesy of the Library of Congress’ Joe Smith Collection

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