Off The Record: A Conversation With Herbie Hancock

Off The Record: A Conversation With Herbie Hancock

Herbert Jeffrey Hancock was born April 12th, 1940 in Chicago Illinois. It wouldn’t take long before the child prodigy was playing classical music on the piano. While still in his early 20’s Hancock would be invited to join Miles Davis’ band. As a pianist, keyboardist, and band leader, Herbie Hancock continues to innovate and inspire.

Many of Hancock’s compositions are now Jazz standards. “Cantaloupe Island,” “Watermelon Man”, and “Maiden Voyage” are just a few that are covered and performed globally. In 1983, Hancock had a pop hit with the Grammy-award-winning single “Rockit” from the album Future Shock. It became an international anthem for break dancers and a must have for Hip Hop DJ’s. It’s considered by many to be the first mainstream single to feature scratching.

Here Joe Smith goes Off The Record with the legendary Herbie Hancock

Courtesy of the Library of Congress

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