N.B.S and Planet Asia “Chain Vets”

N.B.S and Planet Asia “Chain Vets”

Late last year, the veteran east coast hip hop  duo N.B.S. went on a European-tour partnering with west coast legend PLANET ASIA. The single CHAINVETS is the first installment of this successful cooperation.

The production took place at their stop in Basel/Switzerland alongside N.B.S.’s  longtime collaborators the SWISSVETS (JakebeatzDJ TrayMDB).

The stomping, melodic, war sound like JAKEBEATZ-production is a gem for every ear! Combined with a lyrical clash, by those highly skilled MC’s it creates a high quality hip hop experience that we can guarantee will have you back for more!

CHAIN VETS is also avaible on the digital outlet of your choice.

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