Hockaday and Kazi Jones Drop “Bane of Fear” Album

Hockaday and Kazi Jones Drop “Bane of Fear” Album

Hockaday also known as Kae Hock has been on Yaheard.com’s radar for many years. The Delaware native has ten albums under his belt which all feature next level lyricism and top level production. His unique anthem filled live show is anchored by long time collaborator and cousin, popular Philadelphia radio and Hip Hop deejay, Dj Tactics. Bane Of Fear a collaboration with New Jersey Producer Kazi Jones will be the album to put the duo back in the national fore front of Hip Hop (Hockaday a.k.a. Kae Hock’s videos have been played on video outlets all the way up to MTV). With the current climate of the United States and world, and so much fear and hate going around, this album is must listen to for people who want to be entertained without being dumbed down.

Bane of Fear features many of the artist that helped Hockaday and Kazi express their creativity over the years.  We all have to face our fears, and the Bane Of Fear is all about how we get past those fears. An overall artistic presentation, musicianship and quality lyricism with fuego tracks come together to reverse the effects of fear!

New Jersey producer, Kazi Jones, and Delaware artist, Hockaday, display their versatility in the form of a long overdue artist-producer collaboration.  Largely responsible for each others artistic growth, the chemistry between artist and producer is evident throughout.

Relatability, rhythm, and realness combine on Bane of Fear for Hip Hop, R&B, Soul, and music lovers in general.

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