DJ Eclipse of The Halftime Show Recalls The Best Songs & Freestyles of 2015

Yaheard Dj Eclipse

As he does every year about this time DJ Eclipse has compiled a list of 30 songs that were frequently played on his Halftime Radio Show, which airs live on Wednesday nights on 89.1FM WNYU 10:30pm-1am EST. He also compiled a list of the top freestyles from the show’s guests in the past year and has mixed them up in no particular order or ranking for your listening pleasure.

“It was really hard this year to settle on just 30 songs as there was at least another 15 songs that I felt needed to be played. A lot of good albums came out last year, but to keep with the tradition of the show and to keep it within time constraints I narrowed it down to 30. Some songs may have just been singles, some represented great albums and some possibly could have been one of a few good joints on an album. Played the Skillz joint at the end as a bonus. Top freestyles come right after that” –DJ Eclipse 

The Halftime Show w/DJ Eclipse “Best of 2015 Songs & Freestyles” 89.1 WNYU January 13, 2016 by Itsdjeclipse on Mixcloud

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