Yaheard Films presents #FLIGHTCLUB – The Documentary, Starring: The 49ers

#FLIGHTCLUB – The Documentary, is a unique view into the Japanese Hip Hop scene through the eyes of Hip Hop group The 49ers. Follow Marchitect and Jas Mace as they submerge themselves into Japanese Hip Hop culture. The group records, performs and enjoys life in Tokyo and Yokohama while prepping for a performance at Mahaima Theater at the Tokyo Disney resort with the cast and musical composers of the hit Japanese anime television series “Dangan Ronpa“. The 49ers wrote and performed the theme (“Never Say Never“, with Bronx rapper Tribeca and Japanese DJ Volta Masters) to the popular cartoon. They have also topped the Japanese iTunes Hip Hop chart with their collaboration with producer Re:plus titled “Imagine


#FLIGHTCLUB is the follow up to director Marcus “Marchitect” Watkins critically acclaimed debut documentary “Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith Story” which is also available through Yaheard Films.