Feature Fridays- Stash LoMain


Red Hook, Brooklyn, is definitely a neighborhood in transition. Today, as newcomers move into this infamous neighborhood, many of them have no appreciation for this section’s violent and storied history. 

Separated by Hamilton Avenue and the Gowanus Expressway, Red Hook is almost a borough onto itself. Such a singularly distinctive enclave deserves it’s own voice, and that voice is Stash LoMain. His relentless flow, intense and introspective lyrics and contagious song hooks command your attention and demand your respect. Along with his GettBack Entertainment company, Stash is here to reinstate Red Hook, Brooklyn as a dominating force in the music industry, from the streets to the stage, to the top of the charts and beyond. GETTBACK is the brand!!!!

“It’s the grind. It’s authentic. It’s somebody who’s really been through it. I really take everything I have and put it all into this…I call it Hustle Hop,” said Stash in reference to his brand of Hip Hop. When asked what the he wants the listener to get from his music he said “I spread love to the youngins and let them know about the streets. I’m not sugar coating it, it’s a real from of Hip Hop. Some of it’s positive some of it’s not but all of it is real

Check out new music from Stash Lomain and look for the Can’t Die Broke Mixtape online!

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