Austrian Hip Hop Producer Flip Announces New Album “Experiences”

Austrian Hip Hop Producer Flip Announces New Album “Experiences”

As instrumental Hip Hop albums seem to be at an all-time high, ranging from so called lo-fi aesthetics to progressive sounds with electronic vibes, one of Austrian Hip Hop mainstays, on the beats and on the boards has finally dropped an instrumental album on his own. The title “Experiences”  reflects the personal experiences the artist Flip has gone through in his 25 years plus career.

Flip uses the lSP-1200, the ASR-10 , and the MPC 2000XL in combination with modern technology to make his sounds.

So put your headphones on and check out “What Are We Doing / Cruzin At 1am”, the first two tracks from the album. “Expierences” will release on June 5th on all digital platforms, vinyl and compact cassette. There is also a limited vinyl edition available exclusively at HHV Records including a 7inch with a Sadat X & Fokis track and Onyx remix.

Available Streams, Downloads and Vinyl Preorders:

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