Apr 09

Marchitect Performing At Delaware Live

Marchitect from the Hip Hop group The 49ers performed with Dj Sleepy, Ko The Knockout, and Incredible Edible at Delaware Live, a new venue in Wilmington Delaware. He split the bill with The Sugar Hill Gang, and performed a medley of his popular hits, as well as songs from The 49ers catalog.

Marchitect- Marc: My Words

Marchitect- Marc: My Words

Apr 03

Yaheard.com Launches Yaheard Radio On WVUD 91.3 In Delaware

yaheard logo

Yaheard.com recently launched Yaheard Radio on the Fm Dial. The Internet radio show crossed over to the Fm Dial on April 2nd, and plays every monday night from 1 am to 3 am E.S.T. The show features Hip Hop, Soul, and Funk from around the world, as well as guest dj’s weekly. Hosted by Marchitect from The 49ers, Dj Sleepy, and Ladyy Duchess .  The show can be heard worldwide via WVUD.org, Tune In Radio app, and the shout cast app. Tune in and enjoy, Yaheard Radio

Mar 11

Yaheard Films Presents… Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith Story

Kool Keith is one of the worlds most popular rappers

From the early days of Hip Hop in his native Bronx, to his pioneering work with UltraMagnetic Mc’s, to re- defining underground Hip Hop with his Dr. Octagon album, Hip Hop’s most illusive Icon tells his life story. Filmed in the Bronx and Delaware (complete with rare performance footage, and new music) Keep It Kool The Kool Keith story, is a unique view into the mind of Hip Hop’s original mad genius.

Kool Keith along with his group UltraMagnetic Mc’s, changed Hip Hop production forever with their pioneering style of meshing samples together. From his influence on Krs-One, up through his cult classic work with Dan The Automator, Kool Keith has managed to stay relevant on a global scale by being 100% unique. Finally, fans and Hip Hop historians alike can hear his life story from the tours with The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Green Day, back to his humble beginnings in the New York City housing projects.
Directed by Hip Hop artist, producer and film maker Marcus “Marchitect” Watkins, Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith story is a must see for any music lover.


Mar 04

Marcus “G” Goforth Tribute By Marchitect

I first met Marcus G in Newark Delaware. I had heard that this cat from Tennessee had made the pilgrimage up north to find like minded musicians and to branch out. At the time I was running Wonderland Studios, so I tried to use every chance I had in between sessions to record my own music. I remember meeting Marcus, and hearing him play the bass and the guitar. I was immediately impressed. He could take the littlest beat machine, or anything that made sound and push it to the limits. He was the perfect in studio bass player, because all you had to do was play the track once, and he’d have the chords, and all the changes down. He had a great talent for “feeling” music. It was a fun time because, I lived on Main st in Newark, and he was living with my business partner, so we pretty much had free reign to go to the studio and create. Even on top of that, he had a pre production set up at my business partners house and could live and create music 24 hours a day. He would play an acoustic gig with a guitar, and a female singer, and then come home and make some of the most left field hip hop you would ever here.

When my group The 49ers were making our album The Ultrasound for the record label we were signed to in Japan, we lost all the data that was the album. We had about two weeks to re record the whole album. Even with the time crunch, Marcus G was able to play bass and guitar on two of our songs that would go on to become fan favorites. He didn’t need two weeks, he only needed about two takes. Whenever Marcus would make new music it was always good to hear from him. He would contact me, and play me things he was about to release, and it made me proud that he valued my opinion, because he was such a great musician himself. I also never knew what to expect. You might get a down south booty shake hip hop beat, or you might get something that The Prodigy, or Nine Inch Nails would’ve gladly like to have in their catalog.

I know a lot of musicians around the world, but you would be hard pressed to find someone who was the physical embodiment of music like Marcus was. I met Marcus through music, so I could never understand the pain that his life long friends, and family must be feeling about his untimely passing, but we shared a unique bond through music, and I considered him a soldier fighting for the same cause. We were the little guys but we knew we were strong enough to fight the champions in the music world. The last time I talked with Marcus it was of course about music. We were trying to each find the saddest song we could possibly find and out sad each other. The funny thing is we were both smiling at the time. R.I.P Marcus Goforth you will be missed by all who knew you.

Marcus "G" Goforth

Marcus “G” Goforth














The 49ers “Promise Me” Live Bass and Guitar by Marcus G

The 49ers “Lets Party” Live Bass and Guitar by Marcus G

“Talk With Your Body” from The Zeus Ep by Marcus G

“Let Loose”- Marcus G

Feb 27

New Music Video- Marchitect from The 49ers “Where I’m Going”

“Where I’m Going” is the latest music video from Yaheard Records artist Marchitect. The video was shot on location in Tokyo and Yokohama Japan and is from the album Marc:My Words. Marchitect is one half of the successful Hip-Hop Duo The 49ers, and this clip was filmed on tour with Jas Mace, and The Volta Masters Band. The 49ers have an extensive catalog, which can be previewed on Yaheard.com, I-Tunes, Spotify and more.

Marchitect- Marc: My Words

Marchitect- Marc: My Words

Jan 09

Great Samples In Hip Hop History Part 1

"Isaac Hayes"

“Isaac Hayes”

Here at Yaheard.com we appreciate a great sample, especially when a brilliant Hip-Hop producer puts his twist and take on it. We’re highlighting some of the best snatch and grabs in Hip Hop History in no particular order while showcasing the amazing original artists who crafted masterpieces.





1.The Smiling Billy Suite Part II”- The Heath Brothers

Q Tip Flipped it for the Hip Hop Classic by Nas “One Love”. The Beatnuts, Queens natives did a great job with it as well. And of course, Erick Sermon and Redman made a classic. The Original was that good!

2. “Something For Nothing”- MFSB
Assembled by Kenneth Gamble and Leon Huff, MFSB was the band for their Philadelphia International Records label and helped to grow the “Philly sound” that dominated the charts in the early 1970s

Jay- Z “What More Can I Say” produced by The Buchanans

Canibus “This Is How We Roll

3.The Great Nujabes (R.I.P) was able to grab the smallest piece of Yusef Lateef’s “Love Theme From The Robe” to make his masterpiece “Feather”.


4. Bob James “Look A Like” provided the sounds for Gang Starr’s “The ? Remainz” as well as The background for Hip Hop Heavyweights Kwame, And The Geto Boys featuring a young Beyonce

5. Issac Hayes “No Name Bar” from the Shaft Soundtrack. Dr. Dre made a Hip Hop classic from Compton to televisions across America with the D.O.C and songs like “Let The Bass Go”.

Stay Tuned Hip Hop Lovers, for more Great Samples In Hip Hop History Part 1

Jan 07

The 49ers Set Dates For Their Upcoming Japan Tour

Hip Hop duo The 49ers (Jas Mace and Marchitect) have set tour dates for an upcoming 2014 tour in Japan. After the success of “Never Say Never” (the theme song to a popular cartoon in Japan named Dangan Ronpa), The 49ers are hitting the road and criss crossing the country of Japan to promote their classics, and brand new material from an their upcoming 7th album. They will be playing dates with The Volta Masters Band, as well as dates to be announced. The tour starts February 9th and should continue into late February.

Tour Dates For The 49ers Upcoming Japan Tour

Tour Dates For The 49ers Upcoming Japan Tour











The 49ers “Put It Down” (Directed by Double Rush and filmed in Yokohama Japan)

Dec 15

Yaheard Films Presents… “The Yaheard Life”- A New Reality Show

The Yaheard Life follows the artists on Yaheard Records, as they travel around the world performing, recording and living HIp Hop. Episode One features Marchitect doing two shows in Wilmington Delaware in one night. Co- Starring Dj Sleepy, Incredible Edible,  Jas Mace and more. Stay Tuned for Episode Two!

yaheard logo

Dec 15

Yaheard Records Presents… Marchitect “Killemceez4fun” From the album 2 Weeks Notice

Marchitect from the Hip Hop group The 49ers, returns with an a raw underground sound for his new single “Killemceez4fun”. From the title, you pretty much get the jist of what the Yheard Records artist was attempting to do. The album 2 Weeks Notice was produced entirely by Equinox productions, with no Marchitect handling all of the lyrics with no guest appearances. Hip Hop lovers all over the world will enjoy the sharp delivery, and clever rhymes.

Marchitect recently released the album 2 Weeks Notice

Marchitect recently released the album 2 Weeks Notice

Nov 05

Yaheard Films Screens “Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith Story” at The Nemours Theater in Wilmington Delaware

Kool Keith is one of the worlds most popular rappers

Kool Keith is one of the worlds most popular rappers

Keep It Kool- The Kool Keith Story is a documentary that gives a glimpse into the mind of hip hop’s most illusive pioneer and genius “Kool” Keith Thornton.

Selected for the Fringe Wilmington Festival and directed by Marchitect (produced by Yaheard Films, Basement Editions, and B Star Productions) this unique documentary brings light to the method behind Kool Keith’s madness.

From his early days in the Bronx with Ultramagnetic Mc’s, to his tours with The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Green Day, Good Charlotte, Prodigy and more, Kool Keith Thornton tells his life story.

The documentary features never seen before performance footage. The premiere was on Halloween at 6pm at Theater N (1007 N. Orange St. Wilmington De. 19801) and re-screenings followed for the weekend. Yaheard Films plans to screen the movie in Nyc, London, Tokyo and other major world cities where Kool Keith’s fans appreciate his music and creativity

Keep It Kool- Official Trailer

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