A Bronx Tale…Did Rapper Tim Dog Fake His Own Death?

A Bronx Tale…Did Rapper Tim Dog Fake His Own Death?

Tim Dog (born Timothy Blair) was a Bronx Rapper who shocked the music world with his break out single “F**K Compton.” While the “Hub” city was on top of the Rap game thanks to artists like N.W.A. and DJ Quik, Tim Dog was relatively unknown. That wouldn’t be the case for long, as the Ced Gee produced F**K Compton topped the Billboard Rap charts for weeks, and started the East Coast/West Coast war.

It’s On Now

Tim Dog caused enough stir with his debut album Penicilin on Wax to warrant direct responses from Compton’s Most Wanted, DJ Quik, and eventually Dr. Dre alongside a new rapper named Snoop Dogg. Tim would continue his adversarial antics and even Eminem couldn’t resist calling him out on the track “Ricky Ticky Toc.” In 1994, Tim Dog released the EP Bitch with a Perm. It included “Dog Baby,” another slight to Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg.

Rap Artist or Con Artist?

In 2011 Esther Pilgrim thought she found love online. After being courted by Timothy Blair, a.k.a. Tim Dog (a rapper who’s music she was already familiar) with, life was good. Tim Dog claimed to be taking another shot at the biz, by releasing music independently. After Esther’s $32,000 investment never materialized into music, Tim Dog pleaded guilty to grand larceny. After several women came forward with a similar story of being scammed, Tim Dog’s story made it to Dateline NBC. The legal troubles and debt were piling up for Tim Dog.

The Death of the Dog, and the Controversy

Tim Dog reportedly died of complications from diabetes on February 14, 2013. The questions began when his funeral was canceled and no death certificate or autopsy existed. No one in the whole city of Atlanta named Timothy Blair, died in any hospital on the purported day. Rumors swirled that Tim Dog faked his own death to avoid payments to Esther Pilgrim. A warrant was eventually issued in Mississippi for his arrest in case he was still alive.

“Falsified” The Song Tim Dog made After he Died

On the 2013 Tim Dog posthumously released track “Falsify” featuring Kool Keith, Tim is clearly doing the hook, and rapping. With clever studio tricks, rappers have released tracks posthumously, but not many where their co-collaborator blatantly states said artist is alive. Kool Keith raps “Tim Dog is alive. The press made the rumor…falsify.” The water remained murky for almost 7 years.

Ced Gee claims Tim Dog is alive in 2020

Ced Gee was the genius producer behind Ultra Magnetic Mc’s who would come to influence a generation of producers from DJ Premier, to the Bomb Squad. He also crafted the beats for Tim Dog’s biggest hits. Recently during an interview on Vlad TV, the issue of Tim Dog’s death arose. Ced Gee said,

“When he first put out this rumor that he had passed, he was supposed to have been in the hospital in Atlanta. So me Red Alert and another friend of mine, we get on the phone and call the hospital in Atlanta. Not only was there no record of a Timothy Blair dying…nobody died in Atlanta in a hospital that day…”  He would continue,

“I asked a family member to take a picture of the death certificate, they never did it…”

We truly wish Tim Dog’s family the best. He was a fearless artist and the first east coast soldier over the hill,  eventually withstanding the arrows from the entire west coast rap world. In  2020, the legend of Timothy Blair, aka Tim Dog lives on.

Tim Dog “Fu**” Compton

Tim Dog “Dog Baby”

Tim Dog “Falsified” ft. Kool Keith


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